What You Need to Know about Canal Boats



Canal boating is the best choice that you can experience for your holiday if you want to have fun and excitement this year. There is so much fun in water canal navigations.


If perhaps you will feel that your knowledge on boating is not enough, there is no need to be afraid of in having a canal boat holiday. Actually, a previous boating experience of any kind is not at all needed if you wish to enjoy a canal boat holiday, in fact, the training that you will need will be given by the holiday company that supplies the boat that you hired.


1) Distinguishing a canal from a river based on their variation.


About 200 years ago, manmade waterways canal boat map are built in Britain during the industrial revolution. Due to the fact that they are manmade and do not possess a current comparable to what a river has, navigating on them with the use of a boat is so much easier. Although some of the canals are linked up with the rivers, it is better if first timers just stick to the canals.


2) How does a canal lock work?


Allowing you to go up or down the grand union canal  hills is the main function of a canal lock. It has a very simple design that first time boaters are sometimes scared of, nevertheless, they can be learned easily. In order to be assured that you are in a place where the waters are enclosed, you will need to cruise into the lock and close the gates behind you. Opening the paddles that allows the water to flow freely into the lock will raise the water and the boat that you are riding on a higher level. Once these steps are done, the top gates are opened and you can finally cruise your way out.


You do not have to be puzzled right now if you still are since you will be given a thorough training on locks upon your arrival, and also, the boat owner will make sure that you fully understand the features of lock navigation before allowing you to cruise. Canal boating makes you experience one of the most magnificent sights that you can ever imagine such as a stair of multiple canal locks that permits your canal boats to go up and down their hillsides. Learn more about boats at http://www.ehow.com/how_2092678_rent-boat.html.


3) Is a steering one of the things a canal boat has?


A canal boat does not have a steering wheel, a tiller that steers the rear of the boat is used instead. A tiller is just like a pole that is connected to the rudder. The tiller works differently since pushing it to the right makes the boat turn to the left, while pushing it to the left will make the boat turn to the right.


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